Phase Three: Finalizing and Securing Your Honeymoon Location

Welcome to Phase 3 of the Honeymoon Matchmaker System

In Phase 3, I will show you how to finalize your resort to make the perfect choice for your honeymoon.

 In video 1, I am going to help you use the resorts in your “favorites” section, to narrow down your options into your final and best resort choice for your honeymoon.

 In video 2, If you are ready to reserve and secure your honeymoon, I will guide you through the booking process, so that you can book your honeymoon through our secure and world class booking portal.  I will also explain what travel insurance is and why you may want to get it for your honeymoon.

Watch Phase 3 Video 1


If you prefer to have one of our honeymoon specialists reserve your honeymoon, please send us the information below. We will put your package on hold, email you a copy to verify accuracy and then call you to go over everything.

Remember, that you can contact me through our private DIY Honeymoon Matchmaker Facebook group If you need advice, or assistance.  Especially if you are really struggling between two different resorts, which can happen at times. I am here to help you!