Phase Two: Matching Your Personality and Honeymoon Vision to The Proper Locations and Resorts

Welcome to Phase 2 of the Honeymoon Matchmaker System.  

In this video,
I will walk you through the process of matching your honeymoon personality and vision to the correct honeymoon resorts and destinations that are a perfect match for you. 
 I will then show you how to create a short list of resorts and locations, so that you can quickly narrow your options down to just a few great ones to choose from and then easily make your final selection in Phase 3.

Now that you know which types of resorts you should be focusing on from your Honeymoon vision form, you can begin to research those resorts that best fit your honeymoon vision and personality. Click on the Resort Category that best describes your honeymoon vision,  and you’ll have some immediate recommendations to get started with! Each resort has a short overview, key resort highlights, a photo gallery, videos (when available), and virtual tours (when available), a list of your honeymoon inclusions/amenities, so that you can quickly decide if it is worth further investigation. You will create a short list of resorts that fit your personality by putting them into your favorites list. Remember this is a short list! Try your best to only keep 5 or less in your favorites. Have fun!

Remember that you have access to my private Facebook group to help you, if you are really having trouble deciding between two or three resorts.

[hm-resort-list-output resorts_per_page=50]

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Once you have created your short list of resorts, which should be 5 or less, then you are ready to move on to phase 3 to make your final decision on the best honeymoon resort for you. That is what you will do in Phase 3.

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